Saturday, April 7, 2012

Students Get Creative in Curacao at Third Annual Chalk Festival

The third annual "Colors of Willemstad" took place last weekend in Curacao.  I did three workshops with the teenagers both in Curacao and also in Bonaire (the next island over).  I wish I had more time with them, as they were very interested in how to do 3D paintings.

Craig Thomas and I quickly did this 3D apple to show the kids how to grid out and fill in the art.
The kids jumped in to draw their own picture and try their hand at creating a 3D apple.
Some of the kids at the workshop in Bonaire.
And my art, which I started on Friday.  The art was 5 meters by 6 meters.  I put down the tempera paint and then sketched out the art.
It was pretty dry during the week, so we didn't need to cover the art at night.  I chalked all day Saturday and Sunday, and got some help from my friend, Marieke.  Here is her work - very creative!
And this is my finished work - 5 meters x 6 meters - one of my largest.
Here is one of the student team's art - one of the three winners!  They were my students last year and they did a very detailed piece - great job!
This is another piece by one of the students from this year's workshop - also a winner!
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