Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feast of Little Italy 2011

 A traditional Italian masterpiece was the inspiration for this detail from a painting by Antonio da Correggio.  I got a lot done on Saturday at the Feast of Little Italy in Abacoa Town Center in Jupiter.  This was my first year at this festival, and it was great!  The only downside was the heavy rain that came down on Saturday night.  It started as we were pulling the plastic over the work, around 6:30pm, and was so wet that we couldn't really seal it with the duct tape fast enough.  Then a fence fell on the plastic, ripping a hole in the middle which allowed more water to damage the work.

It took about 3 hours to dry out the piece and reconstruct the damaged areas on Sunday morning.  I pushed hard to finish by sundown, and just made it (even with the time change).  The best thing was all the wonderful comments from viewers, with some saying that it was so beautiful, they were almost moved to tears.  This is what art is all about - to evoke strong emotions in the viewers!

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