Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chalking in the Mile High City

A day of firsts.  This was my first time chalking in Denver, and my first "older male" face (i.e. wrinkly).  I usually do women and children with beautifully smooth skin, so I was looking for a challenge.  Well, this piece (original art by Colorado artist Kirby Sattler titled "I am Crow"), is certainly a challenge. Not only were the wrinkles a challenge, but the feathers also took a lot of time to complete.  I worked from 8am til 6pm on Saturday, and was exhausted.  It was hot, and was even hotter on Sunday.  I had to slow down around 2pm, just because the pavement was so hot, and they didn't allow any umbrellas or shade. 
Sunday morning, we arrived at 8am to find technicolor footprints all over everyone's work.  The drunks had a dance party in the street - and I was not happy.  Luckily, my piece wasn't too badly affected, but some were terrible.  It was very sad to see.

I spent about an hour fixing the art, and was done a little after noon on Sunday.  I was working hard to get it done because of the 90 degree heat in the middle of the day.  I was very happy with the finished piece, and the crowd LOVED it.  Some said it was very spiritual and commanding and they were drawn to it.

Thanks to my area sponsor - Big Hoss Bar B Q!

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mtnbikur said...

I definitely remember your chalking in Denver. It was amazing! Sorry to hear the drunks were out dancing on the artwork. So much of it was so amazing!