Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rain Almost Washes Out Street Painting Festival in Daytona

We assess the damage early Sunday morning.

The 11th Annual Arthaus Street Painting Festival (part of the Port Orange Family Days) was a success, despite two downpours on Saturday. The first was around noon, and wasn't too bad. Most everyone was able to cover up, and get back to work about an hour later. But the second one came at 5 pm after a full day of chalking and literally washed away most of our work. It was very discouraging, but this is Florida, and we all know that it "occasionally" rains in Florida. I waited for the majority of water to run off, then we tented it loosely with plastic.

Sunday at 7:30 am we uncovered it to let it continue drying so I could get to work as soon as possible. I just barely finished at 12:30, in time for the judging at 1 pm.  (I didn't know I could paint a tree in 15 minutes!)  When you have to rush, it isn't as good as you want it to be, but it still looked pretty good, and I was happy to have it finished.

This "Artist's Choice" winner was a photo I liked, but I changed the background to make it more colorful. It was the perfect proportion for the odd 5' x 10' sized area and was a real crowd pleaser, especially with the kids. After the prizes were awarded, we waited around for about a half hour for the shadow to cover the entire work, so that the pictures would turn out well.  Thanks to Craig for taking such great photos during the event!

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